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It's always fun to learn and to travel - Why not do both at the same time? Learn a language, acquire a skill, upgrade your CV, or simply do something different and have fun!


Any step you are taking now for your academic development will have a huge influence on your life later on. Learn more about what you want, what is possible and make a well-informed decision.


Start building your children's international experience from an early age - they need that for the personality development, for the language skills, and even for their future applications to a good university!


For professionals, what can be better than spending your vacations learning something in a beautiful destination, getting inspired and energised in a different part of the world, and even saving money?


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Academic counselling - Career planning

Academic planning

Career coaching

Our consultants are veterans in counselling people of all ages to help them in planning their studies and their careers. We are glad to have helped so many to improve their future prospects and to pursue their dreams.

We offer the two counselling services: Academic planning & Career coaching.