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Study.lu is a website dedicated to promoting international education opportunities to students, young professionals, adults and companies.

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The founders of Sophos Education are veterans in international education with over 15 years of experience in helping young people find their best academic and professional paths. Founded in Luxembourg in August 2010, Sophos Education soon attracted the attention of numerous students and educational institutions from France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, China etc.

Study.lu provides a wide range of programmes, including language courses, summer camps, professional training, continuing education, and university programmes from Bachelor's to PhD. 

More programmes are available for free consultation at our office located in the Luxembourg city centre. 



Best price

We offer courses at the best price. You will not get cheaper courses by booking directly with the language school.

The language schools shown on study.lu are the ones which we have found give the best value for money.



School quality

We carefully choose the schools we work with. Our philosophy is to work with a small number of very good schools. The language schools shown on study.lu are the ones which students like the most and give the best value for money.

We work only with accredited schools. You can check out the accreditations of each language school in the school's description page.



No agency fee

There is no agency fee from booking online. Again, you get the best price by booking through us. Plus, we try to make it easier for you and our counselors are always willing to help.



Payment protection

Payment is secure and can be made through us or directly to the language school. In the event of a default of the language school booked through us, we will guarantee your payment.



Full service

Contact us for any question. Our counselors will do their best to prepare you for your stay. If you should meet any problem while you are there or wish to add additional courses, contact us and we can help.


We promise:

  • Access to the world of international education with a few clicks, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, for EVERYONE
  • Insightful analysis and advice from an experienced consultant when you hesitate between the myriads of possibilities
  • Your local contact point with carefully selected educational institutions from all around the world
  • Your permanent Student Salon with FREE professional counseling
  • Personalised notification of promotional prices, sometimes FREE educational opportunities
  • Creative solutions to your ACADEMIC & CAREER PLANNING, and even your HOLIDAY PLANNING
  • Fast-track applications thanks to Study.lu's partnerships with the educational institutions
  • Assistance with your logistics, accommodation & insurance for your studies abroad
  • The starting point of an exciting life where you can DREAM, TRAVEL & STUDY!


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Spend some time browsing our programmes - you may be surprised by what interesting things you could do as a lifelong learner.

Study.lu is managed by Sophos Education S.à r.l., an independent educational consultancy firm.

Contact our office for the most updated information, or come to our offices in Luxembourg.

Our office address: 8 rue Notre Dame, 2240 Luxembourg

Telephone: (352) 27 76 29 15

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Best price


Academic counselling - Career planning

Academic planning

Career coaching

Our consultants are veterans in counselling people of all ages to help them in planning their studies and their careers. We are glad to have helped so many to improve their future prospects and to pursue their dreams.

We offer the two counselling services: Academic planning & Career coaching.