Academic Planning - Career Coaching

We understand that finding a career path or knowing what to study are some of the greatest challenges you might face in life. It is never easy deciding what to do next. Whether you are deciding which career to follow, helping your children decide on their studies, changing your career, looking for a bachelor degree, a masters degree or an MBA for example, you should start early and spend enough time to make sure your choice is right.

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How we help

Our consultants are veterans in counseling people of all ages to help them in planning their studies and their careers. We are glad to have helped so many to improve their future prospects and to pursue their dreams.

We offer the two counselling services below: Academic planning & Career coaching.

Academic counselling - career planning

Academic planning

Have you chosen what to study?

Choosing a subject and course to study can seem like a difficult task. There are so many choices to make  and no one course suits everyone, so we know how important it is to find the right one for you. A good way to decide what you would like to study is to ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Which subjects interest me?
  • What are my talents?
  • What job would I like to do after attending university or college?
  • Which academic skills would I like to improve?

Do you know where to study?

Students now have so many choices of where to study. You will almost certainly need to decide what is most important to you.

  • Is the country where you study more important that the university?
  • Is the course you are looking for available in your home country (whether this is Luxembourg or elsewhere)?
  • Do you know enough about what is available to make an informed choice?
  • It is all a matter of priorities which you feel are important for you. Consider: how it would help your career, what your experience will be like (after all, this could be one of the most fantastic times of your life), how far you want to go, in which city or place you would love to live, etc. 

So choosing the the right course at the right university for you will require some work.

  • The more research you put into the process the more you will get out of the final decision because you will know you have done your homework.

Career coaching

How important is your career to you?

You are interested in attending more educational fairs and workshops in different parts of the world, but you don’t have enough resources (employees, budget, time, local knowledge...) for this ambitious plan?

Sophos Education is among very few consulting companies that provide Career Coaching to young students and young professionals at an affordable cost, while guaranteeing positive returns.
We believe that our combined knowledge and experience in Education and Human Resource Development can be of significant help to ambitious young people at the starting point of their careers.

We are especially experienced at helping young people start an international career in Europe following education abroad.

  • Motivation test
  • Aptitude test
  • Goal setting (sector, activity, position level, location...)
  • Job search techniques
  • Company & position selection advice
  • CV & Cover Letter review (customised for every target position)
  • Interview preparation
  • Contract negotiation advice
  • Coaching on how to perform well in a new position

It is never easy deciding what to do next. Whether you are interested in a bachelor degree, a masters degree or an MBA for example, you should start early and spend enough time to make sure your choice is right.

How it works


Step 1: Book a free introduction call

Fill in the form below to plan a call with one of our counsellors.

During this informal call we will talk about your aspirations, where you currently are, and where you want to be.

There is no need to prepare anything in advance - we will see all that together.

Please note your preferred language in the form. Our counselors will be able to answer your questions in either English, French or Chinese.



Step 2: Learn more about yourself

Step 2 depends on what you want to do, but will help you know more about yourself. Through motivation tests, aptitude tests, goal setting techniques, but mostly through talking to our counsellors we will help you learn more about your options in life.

Many people are surprised after talking to us that they can achieve much more than they previously thought. We have helped students get into schools which they thought were out of their reach. Others, we have helped move from slow careers to ones with higher salaries, better opportunities and which fit them better.



Step 3: Plan your future

Once you know the gap between where you currently are and what you want to achieve, you can plan for the future.

Our counsellors will help you know which steps to take to get to your goals.

For example, we've helped high school students know which courses to follow to get into the university of their dreams, and professionals with how to improve their profile to get into the job they want.



Step 4: Act

Our counsellors will help you make your plan a reality.

For prospective students, we can help you apply to schools or universities, advise you on how to improve your test score, your languages or whatever else you might need to get into your dream institution.

In general we directly get in touch with target institutions to know how (or whether) the student can be accepted and what to do to have the best chances of success for getting into the institution.

For students coming from far, we help in meeting VISA requirements.

For professionals, more than just improving your CV or finding a job, we help make sure that you will get into the right career path, and the right job - the one that makes you happy and can support your future.

We take pride in the fact that we have helped students and professionals countless times with problems which might otherwise have blocked their access to their ideal studies or job.



Step 5: Monitor

Keeping your motivation is a key to success. We'll check in with you as regularly as you need to help you solve problems on your path or know where next to go.

For example, we've helped parents better know about the performance of their children in school and how to improve it, or have given coaching to professionals who just got a great new job on how to perform well in the new position. 

Many of the students and professionals we've helped have been following us for many years. It's always a pleasure to hear from them again and, if needed, help with their new challenges.


We promise:

  • Access to the world of international education with a few clicks, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, for EVERYONE
  • Insightful analysis and advice from an experienced consultant when you hesitate between the myriads of possibilities
  • Your local contact point with carefully selected educational institutions from all around the world
  • Your permanent Student Salon with FREE professional counselling
  • Personalised notification of promotional prices, sometimes FREE educational opportunities
  • Creative solutions to your ACADEMIC & CAREER PLANNING, and even your HOLIDAY PLANNING
  • Fast-track applications thanks to's partnerships with the educational institutions
  • Assistance with your logistics, accommodation & insurance for your studies abroad
  • The starting point of an exciting life where you can DREAM, TRAVEL & STUDY!


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I would really like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Sophos Education and particularly to my consultant Celine without any reserve. She is very knowledgeable, professional and prompt during the whole career coach process. 

Having graduated from a top engineering and business school, I am ambitious to start my international career. Celine has helped me to make the best out of myself and find my dream job matching my strengths and passions. She has in-depth experience and knowledge in international careers. She knows what the big multinational corporations are looking for and she understands perfectly as well what I am expecting from my career. I benefited a lot from her thoughts, suggestions and feedback in different stages of my career. From the job hunting to career promotion, she was acute to point out the key points. She was also extremely diligent in her approach, making sure that I had the right CV, Cover Letter, and interview behaviors according to different cultures!

In the past two years I have been enjoying an exciting career in Paris, Berlin and London, I have no doubt that Celine played an extremely critical role in my success. I would not hesitate to call her for a future career development. In fact my French business school would be also using her strategic marketing services to promote its international reputation. I believe this itself is a testimonial to Sophos education’s excellence. 

-H.L. European Financial Leadership Programme UTC (Paris, Berlin, London)

It is unavoidable that we need to experience some tough time before finding a dream career.  I felt lucky to have Celine’s coaching when I was going through those difficult periods.

Celine has the incredible ability to motivate people, to discover one’s potential and to analyze one’s situation standing on their feet.

She has inspired me to think deeply of every question I met on my career path: which industry/function fits me the most?

What is my career goal? What qualities should I develop for my future career and how?...

Thanks to her advice on every aspect, from the CV/Cover Letter to interview preparation, I was able to confidently present myself with every career opportunity, and to continuously establish my professional profile for a lifetime career.  

I believe Celine has the gift to help young people to find their way for an ideal future career.

- J.L. Mergers & Acquisitions, Société Générale

Celine is an excellent coach. Celine helped me from the beginning to change my life. Celine showed first of all great interest in me as a person and strived to understand my requirements. She gave excellent advices on the level of opportunity and now I recently got accepted to a great Business School. Celine is definitively a valuable business partner as she keeps her eyes on deadlines and supports you in sensitive assignments. Overall, Celine's coaching sessions are a great service which I HIGHLY recommend for people who wants to change their life, and people who wants to enhance their career.

V.R. Graduate of University of Luxembourg

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Academic counselling - Career planning

Academic planning

Career coaching

Our consultants are veterans in counselling people of all ages to help them in planning their studies and their careers. We are glad to have helped so many to improve their future prospects and to pursue their dreams.

We offer the two counselling services: Academic planning & Career coaching.