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Language courses:

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  • English language courses in Oxford, England


    The school is situated in the centre of Oxford close to Oxford's most famous colleges. It is in a lively and fun neighbourhood with cafes, pubs and shops. Bus stops are situated very close by.

  • German language courses in Berlin, Germany


    The language school has been teaching languages for over 25 years. It is easy to reach from any part of the city and is located in the former "West Berlin" in a part known for its lively streets. Good shops, restaurants and bars are close by.

  • Spanish language courses in Barcelona, Spain


    The school was founded over 30 years ago and is situated in the centre of Barcelona. It is less than 5 minutes by foot to Plaza Cataluña, the central square of the city. The school is large and has a cafeteria, computer lab, a library, daily press, movie rentals, access to free learning software and a student support desk.

  • French language courses in Paris, France


    With over 25 years of teaching students, the language school is located in the heart of Paris in a typical Parisian building. It is situated in a a central location close to shops and cafes. It is just a short walk from le Louvre and le Palais Royal, and within easy reach of the main tourist attractions. Students will receive a warm welcome and personal attention before and after their stay, and a high standard of learning in small classes.

  • Italian language courses in Rome, Italy


    Rome is an amazing city and a place for those who love history or who are looking for a lively city. The language school was founded over 35 years ago and it is situated in the very centre of Rome close to St. Peter's Cathedral. It is near one of the most important commercial streeets and is surrounded by shops and restaurants.

  • German language courses in Heidelberg, Germany


    Only two hours and a half away from Luxembourg by car, Heidelberg is a beautiful German city that has a lot to offer. You can learn not only German, but also English in the city centre of Heidelberg, on the 3rd floor of the shopping centre Darmstädter Hof Centrum, at Bismarckplatz. For young learners, this school selects the most reliable host families to take care of their daily life. Excellent teaching quality, security and organisation.

  • French language courses in Royan, France


    Royan is a beautiful seaside town known for its sunny beaches, its surfing and its leisurely boardwalk. It is a safe town and the school accepts students from a young age. With nearly 50 years of teaching languages, the school has a good reputation and is situated close to the train station and the town centre.

  • English language courses in Dublin, Ireland


    The school was founded over 35 years ago and is situated in the centre of Dublin. Public transportation and many tourist attractions are within walking distance.

  • Spanish language courses in Madrid, Spain


    The school is located in the heart of one of Madrid's liveliest parts close to bars, restaurants, theatres and within walking distance of many of Madrid's attractions.

  • Italian language courses in Milan, Italy


    The school is located in a neighbourhood of artists and fashion designers. The area is well connected to the city center by subway, bus and tram and is full of bars and cafes. The school has a cafeteria, a computer lab, a movie room, a lounge and free WIFI.

  • English language courses in London, England


    The language school has been operating for over 30 years. It is located in Soho, a vibrant part of London, and just a short walk to Leicester Square and Oxford Circus. For students, it is one of the best parts of London to have a good time whilst studying English.

  • German language courses in Vienna, Austria


    The language school is a private academy for German courses in Vienna, Austria. It runs a year-round school for adults 16+, two summer schools for young people (12-17 and 16-19 years). It offers accommodation at the language schools residence with 20 Standard and Superior Apartments close to the school and city centre, in families, apartments and student houses. A variety of special courses is available to students. Vienna is a safe and attractive destination to study German.

  • German language courses in Cologne, Germany


    The school has a long history in Cologne and is situated near the ancient Roman fortifications and the Cologne Cathedral in the city centre. The school offers courses from 16 years old and has a cafeteria, a computer lab, a library, free access to learning material, free WIFI and a movie room.

  • English language courses in Edinburgh, Scotland


    The language school, one of Scotland's oldest, is located in beautiful historic building close to Edinburgh's main shopping area and to transportation links. The school is well equiped with a computer lab, a library, movie rental, access to learning software and free WIFI.


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